Inteface redesign in progress!

After success that prototype of interface gained, I've decided that it would be proper to rebuild whole interface, keeping the basic idea and methods, but providing more objected oriented interface. Here is just a brief list of features I plan to introduce:

  • Fully object oriented interface with classes for templated buffer objects, attributes, uniforms and basically everything
  • Hiding OpenGL API - no need to know anything about OpenGL as there won't be direct contact with any of it's functions
  • Interface generalization - interface won't be tied only to GPGPU anymore. However, computational shader specialization will be provided and will have even broader functionality than current prototype.
  • Plugin system - objects will be designed for plugging into each other, allowing to create complex shader programs easily
  • Automatic signal system - shaders will get linked and compiled automatically at time they're needed
  • OpenGL fixes - observed artifacts in some OpenGL drivers will be corrected automaticaly or with minimal effort
  • Library design - once compiled, only header files need to be included along with libraries just like with other professional libraries
  • Git Hub repository - after finishing basics of new interface, project will be hosted on Git Hub to provide easy access to always fresh version
  • Proper and always updated documentation - with help of doxygen
  • Showcase programs adjustment and release of source codes as demos

The work on interface has already begun and first working version should be released in first half of march.