Status update

As promissed, things are slowly getting shape. So what happend in past month?

Basicaly whole interface was redesigned from scratch (and even that design had to be changed once more due to bad decision). However, we've already restored functionality of interface prototype that has been arround for some time + introduced many new features. We are constantly debuging new features and during this process we managed to run some advanced shaders such as multiplying matrices and feedbacking result, using doubles in shader (whit openGL 4.2) and using large textureBuffers without any problems.

There is one important thing to note that we decided to make use of C++11 features such as shared pointers. We're thus breaking compatibility with older compilers but we consider this to be a good decision in long-run.

The work on new features for interface is from this day suspended as we accomplished our goals and now we must polish interface, create documentation and cmake script and commit all changes to GitHub. We've already set up repository for project and also you can find new Forum tab in menu. We're looking forward to know your opinion as feedback is always appreciated and it will further shape the interface.